The orignal cover.

Creatures of the Wastelands are a set of books by Derek Holland, and published by Skirmisher Publishing LLC. All togeter, these three books list many unique mutants, new mutations, alien environments, and essays on evolution. The focus on ecology is unparalleled to any other mutant bestiary - being fairly detailed, without being too specific. They feature art by Dragan Ciric, Jeremy Pea (aka Malcadon), and William T. Thrasher.

A Menagerie of Mutants and MutationsEdit


The revised cover.

This was the first book in the line. It features over 200 mutants, over 50 new mutations, and new types of materials, terrain & hazards. The more unique elements are mutation inducing parasites, giant Kaiju monsters, intelligent stones, and extra-dimensional beings.

Mutational EvolutionEdit


Mutatioal Evolution cover.

This book highlights Derek's Family Tree concept. The basic concept of this, is taking a mutant, and creating off-shoots. This books has three key essays on evolution, 4 families of mutants, and 7 new mutations.



Habitats cover.

This book features 44 strange environments, and list examples of inhabiting mutants from the Mutant Future rulebook and other Creatures of the Wastelands books.

The Thrasher GangEdit


Thrasher Gang cover.

Not so much a book, but a set of printable, fold-up cardstock figures. It features 7 different mutants, with the option of color and back & white.

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