This mutation allows the character to return any incoming damage to the origin of the attack. For this power to work the mutant must use every bit of his concentration, taking no other actions. Any movement of more than one or two small steps will cause this power to fail.

The power gradually builds up, allowing 3d6 hp worth of damage to be turned the first round. This increases by 1d6 per round up to a maximum of 20d6 hp worth of damage. The mutant only takes damage that is above his current hp level of damage turning. For instance, in the first round the character rolls 3d6, with a result of 14. He may turn up to 14 hp of damage the first round. The next round he adds 1d6 to the current running total of 14. He can keep the power working as long as he remains still and concentrating, and he may maintain concentration when he receives damage. The mutant cannot turn attacks that cause no damage. If such powers are successful, they can interfere with this ability.

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