Mutated genes have altered the mutant’s physical size, an effect either related to a pituitary defect or a change in the genetic program during the years of body growth and development. With this mutation, the mutant is a dwarf, a mutant with substantially decreased size and body weight.

To figure out the character’s size, start with a base of 6 feet. Roll 1d4+1 and subtract the result from 6 to get the height of the character in feet. This will give a range from 1 and 4 feet.

The character’s diminutive size makes it harder to damage opponents, but also makes it more difficult for opponents to land successful blows on the mutant, since he presents such a small target. A dwarf mutant has a +1 to hit targets of human sized or larger with a non-powered hand weapon. He does -1 to damage for every 1’ shorter than he is from 3 feet, with an equal reduction (improvement) of AC for each foot he is shorter than 3’.

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