Modern Firearms are the firearms of today.

Modern PistolsEdit


Modern RiflesEdit


Modern Support WeaponsEdit

M60 7.62 mm machinegunEdit

Damage:  1d12
Trigger Type:  Rapid Fire
Maximum Range:  3,600 ft. (2,400 ft. for tracer rounds)
Weight:  23 lbs.
Ammo:  600-900 rounds per belt (2 minutes of continuous fire at maximum rate)

History:  Adopted by the U.S. Army in 1957, the weapon underwent successive upgrades during and after the 1980s.It is capable of firing armor-piercing, tracer, and ball rounds.The M60 can be aimed and fired by a standing soldier but is more accurate when mounted on a tripod or bipod.Its major weakness is that it tends to jam in “dirty” battle conditions (e.g. muddy jungles or deserts prone to sandstorms).

Source: (notes by Kevin Scrivner)

Other Modern WeaponsEdit

Stunguns and such

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