Physical: The mutant has the ability to produce a subtle yet hypnotic fragrance. The fragrance is generally derived from mutated pheromones/hormones (that are emitted at the mutant’s will), but could come in another form-spores, for instance. Once per day the mutant can emit a scent that forces up to 8 HD of creatures, or any single creature with less than 13 HD (or 13 CON) within 15 feet to save versus poison or fall into a hypnotic trance for 2d4 rounds. Victims may be ordered to commit any act that is not suicidal, up to and including attacking friends.

Plant: The plant can send out a scent that is enticing to all living creatures. This scent can be smelled for a range of up to 5 miles in windy conditions, or 90 feet in regular conditions.

The enticing scent overwhelms any creature that fails a saving throw versus poison. Every creature so enticed will stay as close to the plant as possible and try to protect it, even to the point of fighting other creatures that draw near. Every 5 rounds anyone enticed by the plant’s fragrance may make another saving throw. Until the victim is successful, he will stay near the plant until he dies from severe dehydration or starvation.

The scent itself deals no damage, but the plant may have other mutations capable of doing so.

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