Plants with this mutation have pods that are explosive and deal 2d6 hp damage to creatures within 10’. Upon exploding, the pod may also release radiation (50%) of a randomly determined class. The range for this mutation varies based on the size of the plant, and whether or not it is capable of moving under its own power. If the plant is incapable of movement, the pods simply drop near the base. If the plant is small (1’-2’), there is a 25% chance a dropped pod will explode. If it is a medium sized plant (3’- 5’) there is a 45% chance, and if it is a tree-sized plant (6 ft. or beyond), there is an 80% chance of detonation when dropped. Extremely tall plants may have a 100% chance, or the ML may declare that any size plant has a higher chance because of the chemical makeup of the pods.

Plants that are capable of movement can throw their own pods at a range determined by multiplying the plant’s height x 10 feet.

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