Thanks to advanced thinking capabilities, the mutant gains the benefits of a highly specific task or field.

The following are form the rulebook:

Bartering Affinity: The mutant is a keen barterer, who can turn a nice profit in a barter-based economy. The mutant gets +3 Charisma when trying to sell an object, and any object sold will yield up to a multiple of 1d4+1 in profits if the person being bartered with can afford it.

Martial Affinity: The mutant can analyze an opponent's actions to find his weakness. As such, the mutant get a +4 to hit in combat and +1d6 damage to an opponent who as already attacked.

Tinkerer Affinity: The mutant has a knack for mechanical devices, as such the mutant gets a 20% bonus to technology rolls. The mutant may also make weapons that do extra damage, up to +4. Do to the craftsmanship involved, these weapons take extra long to build, and some time and resources needed to maintain them.

The following are fan-made abilities:

Animal Affinity: The mutant can walk up to animals without being attacked. The mutant can avoid being attack by a hostile animal with a reaction roll with a +3 to Charisma. The mutant has such a way with animals, that the mutant can turn them into loyal companions (as retainers) with a Reaction roll at normal Charisma.

Artistic Affinity: The mutant can sing, play music, dance, write fiction, or create a piece of artwork (player chooses) without any training, and do so with amazing talent.

Mathematical Affinity: The mutant is a living computer. The can calculate complex math and puzzles, and possesses perfect memory pertaining to raw data.

Sexual Affinity:The mutant knows how to attract those it wish to sleep with, and to provide great pleasure to it's lover. +3 Charisma when trying to seduce someone, and may continue to get sexual favors without effort.

Tactical Affinity: The mutant can analyze a group of people or a situation to derive a salutation or tactical advantage. As such, the mutant can predict an enemy's actions to automatically gain initiative, and can anticipate ambushes.

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