This powerful mutation allows the mutant to generate a 25’ radius sphere of deadly mental energy centered on the mutant. Within this sphere of energy all creatures except the mutant (friend or foe!) have their hit points reduced to 1 point, and must save versus stun attacks or be knocked unconscious for 1d10 rounds. After using this mutation, the mutant is exhausted from the force of the mental exertion and may move at full rate but not attack for 2d10 rounds. As this is a mental attack, androids and robots are immune.

Some androids and robots can produce their own Killing Sphere, in the form of an Emery-Nullifying Field. Anything in the field that runs on a power source will loose power. This will not drain batteries, but just render them useless for as long as they are in the field. Living creatures are unaffected by this attack.

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