Userboxes are templates that are designed to be added to a user's userpage. To add userboxes to your user page, first you need the area to contain the userboxes in. This can be done by typing {{userboxes}} and {{userboxesend}}. Doing so will produce this:


Next, select userboxes from the following list and add them to the page. They must be placed between {{userboxes}} and {{userboxesend}}. All userboxes use the base userbox template, which you can see for information on creating userboxes.

To create your own userbox, use the code in the box at Template:Userbox (for advanced users) or the simpler version at Template:UserboxSimple

Adding Userboxes

To add a userbox to your user page, simply find it in the links below and then copy the code onto your user page. For example, placing {{Pastime EditsWiki}} on your user page will add this to it:

Wiki-Preview This user edits the wiki when bored.

Whoever visits your user page will see that infobox on it.

User InfoEdit

Code Result
Spraytransformerbz9 This user is an Android.
{{Mutant Animal}}
Daren Bader - Miri This user is a Mutant Animal.
{{Mutant Human}}
Mechanic This user is a Mutant Human.
{{Mutant Plant}}
MSPredatorPlant This user is a Mutant Plant.
{{Pure Human}}
91376 This user is Pure Human.
Jess2 This user is an Eloi.
Morlock 1 This user is a Morlock.
Jumala This user is a Felinoid.
Mastermind1 This user is a Mastermind.
{{Brain Lasher}}
Brain Lasher 1 This user is a Brain Lasher (Mind Flayer).

Favorite GamesEdit

Code Result
{{Mutant Future Game}}
MFcover This user is a fan of Mutant Future.
{{Gamma World Game}}
Gamma World Cover 1 This user is a fan of Gamma World.
Exalted Second Edition Core Book This user is a fan of Exalted.

Favorite Shows/Movies/ComicsEdit

Code Result
Thundarr This user is a fan of Thundarr the Barbarian.
{{Mighty Samson}}
Mighty-Samson-cover-02 This user is a fan of Mighty Samson.
Kamandi Motivational This user is a fan of Kamandi: Last Boy on Earth.
{{Adventure Time}}
Adventure Time Title This user is a fan of Adventure Time.
Axa1 This user is a fan of Axa.
{{Atomic Knights}}
Atomic Knights Emblem This user is a fan of the Atomic Knights.
Vault Boy This user is a fan of Fallout.

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