Non-Player Characters (NPCs) are the characters in the game that are controlled by the Mutant Lord rather than the players.  While monsters fall into this category, normally, NPCs carry player-like stats like STR, DEX, etc.

Name: Mr. NPC
Race: Mutant Android
Level: 1
Alignment: Neutral
Hit Points: 50
Armor Class: 9
11 11 11 11 11 11

Mr. NPC is a generic NPC Template usable by Wiki-editors, and part-time convention-goer. Wiki-editors are encouraged to copy this list, and edit your copy to your desire. This block of text is for descriptions.

Weapons: padded sword
Armor: pulltabmail shirt
Equipment: convention swag
Physical Mutations: webbed toe
Mental Mutations: brainfarts

Designer: <your name here>

(Optional Rule) Random Reaction Table Edit

When a Player Character (PC) is met by a Non-Player Characters (NPCs), the Mutant Lord should roll a d6, add the PC's reaction adjustment (to the right of CHA on their character sheet), and consult the reaction table.

Roll General On the Street Store/Trade Town Reaction
6 and More Hatred The NPC will openly mock, cajole and even attack the PCs (if he is low intelligence or the situation makes it favorable to do so) Refuses to Trade or sell items. May intentionally sell them a “bad” item.  Lynching; pressed into slavery; tarred and feathered.
5 Dislike The NPC distrusts the PCs, and if prompted to pick sides, will actively fight against them. +50% to (MF) Book price of goods if selling, -50% to book price if buying. Unless the PCs are on their best behavior, they may be told to leave the town.
3-4 Indifferent  No feeling either way.  Will simply be a spectator in a confrontation.  Book Price  No real reaction.
2 Like  The NPC likes the PC, and will help him if he asks.  Will support / fight for the PC in a fight.  Book price – 50%  Residents are cordial; leader may ask PCs for help on side adventure.
1 Admire The NPC really likes the PC.  He will offer help without being asked.  Book price – 75%; roll 1d4 tech gizmos that the npc has squirrelled away and will offer to the PC at a cheap price. Residents flock to the party.  People offer their homes for the PCs to stay in; they are offered food.  The leader proclaims them honorary sherriffs.
Less than 1 Adores Will offer services as a retainer to the PC, will actively seek to raise his status with the group. Will give items to the PC. Hero’s welcome.  The opposite sex throws themselves at the PCs, they are lavished with gifts, given some title like “lord”.