These plant growths are capable of movement and a rudimentary sense of touch. Prehensile tendrils come in two forms, Simple and Constrictive. Roll 1d6:

1-3 Simple tendrils: These have a randomly determined (3d6) DEX and are capable of wielding weapons, but are not strong enough to do damage on their own. Higher DEX scores are due to aspects of the plant that make it more dexterous, like sticky fibers and clingy cilia.

4-6 Constrictive Tendrils: These tendrils can do 2d6 damage through constriction and are capable of rapid movement. A successful attack roll achieves constriction, and the victim will suffer damage on each consecutive round.

Because the growth pattern of such plants dictates that the tendrils grow to full size quickly, even small plants with this mutation are considered to have tendrils at least 10’ long, and are capable of growing their tendrils to any length the ML desires. To randomly determine the length of the tendrils, simply multiply the base of 10’ by a roll of: 1d6 for small plants, 1d10 for medium sized plants, or 1d20 for large or tree sized plants. PCs with this mutation may choose the length of their tendrils, but the length should range from 10’ to 20’.

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