This mutation grants the mutant the ability to absorb the life essence (hit points) from all creatures (friend or foe) within a foot radius equal to 30+WIL. This power absorbs 2d4 hp per round from all creatures in the radius, and these absorbed points go into a separate reserve for the mutant. All damage to the mutant is taken from these reserved points until they are gone; after this point the mutant’s regular hp begin to be affected. Stored hp will disappear after 24 hours. As this is effects "life essence", androids and robots are immune.

Some androids and robots can produce their own Vampiric Field, in the form of an Energy-Siphoning Field. Anything in the field that runs on a power source will loose power, as it is being drawn into the machines power reserves. This can deplete batteries as well. Living creatures are unaffected by this attack.

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